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Tea has a renewed interest due to the interest as a way to reconnect with oneself or with friends. Time is a valued commodity.

The love of tea hosts private & public events including food cultural tea tours led by a tea sommelier. 

Great as a gift certificate for the foodie or as a get together birthday event. 

Available for in house corporate health & wellness workshops.

Contact teantaste@gmail.com

Stay Awhile

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No event is too big or small. It only takes two people to engage in a meaningful way with a cup of tea.

Due to the personal nature of our afternoon tea, we are only able to service the Toronto, Canada area.

Available for tea tastings, tea events, English afternoon tea & the most creative high tea in Toronto.

Like fine wines, the terroir of the tea  shows us the characteristics of the land and climate shaping the taste  profile rather than added flavorings.Food is an important aspect of tea and we believe there are pairings that best bring out the food and tea served.   

Custom signature tea blends available for home, business or wedding favors with a personalized graphics design.

More than Drinks

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The love of tea can  provide a tea blended brand, plan and stage a themed afternoon tea event  and to provide teas to your work/business. If interested the love of  tea  is available to discuss the art of tea by a certified tea sommelier  as well as the health benefits of tea from a health expert.

Stay tuned for our Secret Toronto Tea Parties!


Afternoon Tea Tour

Learning to make matcha tea with whisk

We will explore the sensory experiences of up to 8 specialty teas, including a rare tea cultivated from 100-year-old tea trees. Preparing proper tea means tea 101 of boiling water at the right temperature. We’ll learn to prepare traditional matcha with a whisk, then taste a matcha latte and you’ll learn to shake up your own signature tea mocktail. We’ll pair teas with savoury & dessert tastings, option gluten-free/or vegan desserts upon request, including single-estate chocolate: tastings will vary.  As well as postcard link to my exclusive e-magazine on tea, tea adventures with interviews and recipes.   Be prepared to drink at least 8 plus cups of different teas, learn about history of tea, processing, cupping, and an assortment of food pairings.   You won't be disappointed by enjoying the time to take tea for yourself! 

Unleash Your Inner Sommelier

Blending your own tea blend- tea sommelier airbnb experiences Toronto

You will experience blending your own tea blend with teas and botanicals and take home your own personal blend. 

What everyone is saying

Afternoon tea Pairing  food and tea- tea sommelier

Carol-This was the most wonderful Experience I've attended. Five stars is the highest possible score but it  should be at least 10 stars, maybe a million.  When I come back to  Toronto, I'll definitely do it again. Thanks!

Aizwarya-There are not enough adjectives to encompass what an amazing experience Carol provides. To begin, she is accomplished beyond my  imagination and has so many stories to share. She creates a experience  that is personal and teaches you so much with her ability to draw upon  facts about many subjects. The teas themselves were exceptional and  plentiful. To call them "food pairings" is an understatement, that  itself is an experience - baked goods, decadent desserts and wonderful  chocolates to name a few. I would recommend this experience to everyone -  not just tea lovers, she has a lot to teach and spending time with her  feels like you have know her for ages. 

Dan-Drinking tea together allowed us the opportunity to connect with our fellow guests.  It was truly a delightful experience. 

Faye-This was an exceptional, one-of-a-kind experience! Carol is a very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and accommodating host. 

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